As voyages go it's a bit Meh. "Fantastic" is definitely a bit strong.

Still making an effort? Who is?
Been really busy at work this week, so not only have I not had time to write before, I don't have a ton of interesting stuff to tell you about.

Here's one thing. I'm giving up on The Mysteries of Udolpho. Maybe it gets good, but fuck it, I don't have the time. Rakka says I should jump in to Jane Eyre, so that'll probably happen.

Also, what's with the religious Dalek and the religious everybody in that episode? It's like that time David Suchet made Poirot a practicing Catholic. Just didn't feel right. Is Moffat actively trying to alienate the classic audience? Maybe he's not just a hack. Maybe he has a legitimate personality disorder.

I've been watching the old Doctors lately. Starting at the beginning. Have you actually sat down and watched the Hartnell episodes? Like series 1, 1963? Yeah, the sets are terrible. The editing is bad. The pace is glacial. And yet the characterization is so much better than anything we've seen lately. Look at Barbara Wright, for my money the best companion ever. She's thrust in to a crazy situation, and dragged along from one danger to the next. Through it all, her actions and reactions generally make sense. She is like a real, human person in a way that doesn't seem to exist on the show anymore.

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