oh, awesome (bar)

As I mentioned a bit ago, I had all but stopped using Firefox recently. Now that I'm back, I'm struck again by how awesome the awesome-bar is.

During my time away I was using chrome and safari as my primary browsers. They have bars, but they are not even half as awesome. In fact, they are merely adequate. They are adequate-bars. Firefox still wins this one, hands down.

i can use firefox again!

So I've been complaining constantly that firefox is slow. But why is firefox slow? Apparently because it uses SQLite. The evidence is that a quick vacuum, as described by lifehacker, just made a noticeably huge improvement on startup time and interface responsiveness. Using FF isn't painful anymore.


This is great and all, but why do I have to do this again? Shouldn't firefox be able to tell when it's database is crufty, and run the vacuum itself? PgAdmin is quick to tell you when a postgres table needs a cleaning, and it's crap.

Come on Mozilla, this is huge. Huger than any new feature you're currently working on. Until today I was actively avoiding firefox for all but essential tasks. And this is me, the guy that was sad when Mozilla didn't hire him, but still kept telling everybody to use firefox. I haven't told anybody that for a while.

Firefox has always been a tinkerer's browser. It's gotten a lot more polish over the last couple of years, to where you start to think of it as mainstream. But as long as you have to know how the guts work to keep it going, it'll continue to be the linux of browsers.

Holy crap, it's nice out

It makes me happy. Just wish i brought a good camera