but if you need to escape

Heroes is a pretty fun way to do it. I've been meaning to watch it for a while now, but I'm not cut out for broadcast television. Never been able to remember when shit is on. Thank the big man man in the sky, by whom I mean Al Gore, for the internet.

Anyway, the point is, it's a good show. I'm on episode 15 already. There's nothing like a good multi-threaded super hero fantasy to take your mind off a long hard week.

Except maybe a nice Tina Fey comedy. Rakka found 30 Rock for me. I'm surprised a show on nbc can be funny. But I'm not surprised it's Tina Fey that does it.

sometimes, work is inescapable

Not my favorite thing to on a saturday. But there it is.

Postern of Fate

Postern of Fate was the first Tommy and Tuppence novel that I've ever read. Now I know why nobody talks about Tommy and Tuppence novels.

It's because they just natter on, repeating things to each other and never actually doing anything. There was really only enough material here for a short novella. The rest was just filler.

I suppose the thing had potential. But it had the feel of something Christie just dashed off on the way to the publisher. Like she had forgotten that the deadline was in two days; it was time to get cracking.

I think I'm going to stick to Poirot, unless somebody convinces me that PoF was a particularly bad example of TnT in action.

itunes loves cypress hill today

I don't know why.

freeway park

I was wandering around downtown the other day. I was near the convention center when I noticed this long, unmarked set of stairs leading up the side of a building. I followed them.

Turns out I had found one of the many back ways in to Freeway Park (wikipedia). I had never even heard of it. It is insane.

the scenic freeway overlook

The style is best described as Brutalist, which supposedly is from the French for "raw concrete". I think the literal interpretation is more fitting. This architecture is harsh.

the dungeon

I went down in the dungeon, or main gallery, or whatever the hell they call it. It's only a green tint away from being Minas Morgul, I swear.

Frodo cannot face the traffic window

I don't know what these 60s architects were thinking about. They had all these Utopian ideals and they made most oppressive, inhuman buildings ever. I've never understood why they thought those two things should go together.

the route the Hobbits took

Another really weird 60s thing that shines through, even though it wasn't finished until the 70s, is the love of the car. You thought it was called "Freeway Park" because it's near/over top of the interstate? No. It is in love with that road. There is a window, down in the dungeon, so that you can go gaze out at the traffic. Keep in mind, the dungeon is considered the park's central feature.

Sensibilities have moved on though. There seems to be no attempt to keep the window clear enough to see through anymore.

A window to the fuUuuuUuture?
We've seen it, driven it, spray painted over it.

For all it's harshness though, the squirrels are really friendly and the green parts are really green. It's actually a great little park, right on the edge of everything.

They come right up to you.

animated avatars are awful

I consider them spam. I wish adblock could hide them for me.

Oh! But, once again, firefox to the rescue. I can go to about:config and unanimate them. (search for image.animation_mode and set it to none or once)


Ok, that was a boring post. Sorry.

night walks fckin rock

lake union at night, originally uploaded by leff.

Might seem like a weird thing to get excited about. But there's nothing like wandering around some neighborhood after everybody's already turned in.

Except for the occasional car to throw off the illusion it's almost like I'm wandering around after the comet apocalypse. But it's ok. I can handle any attack by any zombies, or vampires, or freaky zombie vampires.

Then you find a view like this, and it puts my head in a whole different space. Makes me channel Shaggy. Like, Wow.

ignite seattle 3

paper airplanes, originally uploaded by leff.

I went, I took pictures of the airplanes. Apparently, some people like them, which is cool (not to self.horn.toot()).

I saw some of the talks too. The one about honey bees was really good.

But it was really crowded, and this massively drunk guy sat right next to us. It was either get passed out on, or leave (it was that crowded). So we left.