Doctor Dhoom (Machale)

Aamir Khan running down a building
Peter Capaldi is fantastic as The Doctor. I enjoyed watching him every second that he was on screen.

Now that's a doctor
It really is too bad he's on Moffat's watch. Capaldi is wasted on Moffat's sappy, nonsensical drivelings. Capaldi does an amazing job of making it work in spite of the writing.

I needed a pallet cleanser after that, tbh. If only the sun was shining like it did this morning I might have been ok.

How many wicks can a pickwick pick?
Instead, I reset the tone by watching Dhoom:3. I heard about this film, a bollywood action movie set in Chicago, at about the same time as I had learned to love that city.
I was very excited about it.

And it was very exciting.

somebody saw the blues brothers
Well, a lot of stuff happened.

Well, some stuff happened.

Maybe it wasn't that much. They were afraid we'd miss it so they slowed it down. Actually, I think if they played all the slo-mo at normal speed the film would have only been an hour long instead of nearly 3.

3 slo mos in 10 secs
By the midpoint I had to go in to the other room for a minute. Abhishek Bachchan was walking across the street. In slow motion, obviously. Rakka suggested pausing, but I knew that it'd take Bachchan quite awhile to cross the street at that pace. He was just reaching the other side when I came back.

As films go, it's not Shakespeare.

The characterization of the banker was hilarious, though:
A.C.P. Jai Dixit: Do you have any enemies?
Banker: We're bankers. Everybody hates us.

It doesn't make a single bit of sense, but it was fun. Or I thought so at the time. Maybe I was just in a mood.

I went on to watch the first two, but I lost interest during the 10 minute romantic-basketball-in-the-rain scene half way through #2.

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