the deathly hallows

Wow. just... wow.

nordic heritage == pancakes

The Annual Nordic Heritage Museum Pancake breakfast was today. Rakka and I went to Ballard to get us summat. Guess what I remembered after we had got there (by bus and foot). I didn't have any cash. Guess what was the only form of payment accepted?

So after a quick, hungry tour of the museum, we headed up to the Original Pancake House. (shameless self promotion link, sorry)

Where I was confronted with a ridiculous volume of yummy, yummy pancakes.

The Museum is pretty cool though. It's in an old school and it has all kinds of stuff, from Lego Valhalla to creepy troll chairs.

fuzz buzz

fuzz buzz, originally uploaded by leff.

This seemed like such a good idea. Mixing collectors edition Simpsons cola with inexpensive vodka.

Turns out, not so much. The first one made me nauseous. *bleh*

If you try it, though, I insist that you call it a "fuzz buzz".

kwik e mart

Seattle got a little slice of Springfield this weekend.

kwik e mart at the space needle

Yep. A Kwik E Mart. It's a big ol' promotion for the Simpsons Movie. It's kinda fun, if you dig on the Simpsons, expensive marketing gimmicks, or both. It's pretty fun to go grab some squishees and buzz cola.

I'm just glad I don't work there. The poor 7-11 guys are tired of it already. And it goes on all month.

More pictures from me and rakka.