The Last Laugh on Earth

The Last Laugh on Earth
Old horror movies have never been so easy to come by. I've found a page of links to full length, freely streaming horror movies. The embarrassing part is that it's on reddit (IK,R?).

But The Last Man on Earth is on youtube. Didn't realize til like half way through that it's not just some random Vincent Price vambie (or zomper) film, but a adaptation of I Am Legend. George Romero basically ripped off this film to make Night of the Living Dead four years later, so LMoE is the granddaddy of the modern zombie film.
Whoa, space house.
It's not great, but it's no worse than Omega Man. As a primary source of a genre that's really hot right now (still, for some reason) it's worth a look. Also, it has some nice LA locations like yonder ufo tower house.

In a way, Mr. Legend had it good though. End of the world? No traffic.

Driving around people suu-hucks. Picked up a rental yesterday for to get to the rainforest tomorrow. Ran some errands around a strip mall city (silverdale, wa if you're counting) for a few hours. I don't know how people do this every day. I would go loudly and spectacularly insane if I had to do that on the regular.

But it's not all bad. Did get some sunglasses finally.
New-ew-ew Sun-un-un Glass-ass-asses
Also, sacks of nuts from trader joes, a briefcase full of booze from bevmo, and some embarrassingly delicious food from dq.
So much MSG we can't even taste regular food anymore.

You can't go to strip mall city without eating something that makes you feel shame. It's a rule. Luckily, we'll never go back. Not ever

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