our phlows be phresh

A thanksgiving pressie for the feline members of the family.

It's MC fresh flow in the houuuuse!

It comes correct with the water slide.

And unlike the wack water ball thing we tried a few weeks ago, MC Phresh Phlow has Phans.

Ok. Now I'm done with my stupid jokes. Happy Harvest Festival!

why do all video game sites suck?

I mean, they really really suck, really really bad. Have you seen gamespot lately? The freaking nav is buried between adds somewhere below the second fold. I think this is why I don't game much these days.

pootie done did it again!

I know you were all waiting to see when the laptop got here. It was Friday. I call it pootie.

Re: laptop

It's on it's way.

It's in the country

Map by package-tracker

It's in the country I'm getting really excited now!

the plunge

I don't think I'm an awful mac fanboy, but I am really excited about the macbook that I just ordered. It's my first ever apple thing that I've bought with my own money.

I've been on xp for a month now and I really miss some os x stuff. Especially exposé. And to think, when I first encountered that feature I thought it was so much fluff; just a gimmick for the punters. Even though I have a fantastic set up at work (thanks work!) with two 20 inch widescreen monitors, I still find myself hunting for windows. Oh, why can't I just push a button and see all of them?

So the other day, when I was chatting with some coworkers one of them mentioned you can put 4GB of ram in a plain (13") macbook these days. This was the last little bit that pushed me over the edge. I looked around and you can get 2 2GB cards for about the price that apple will sell you a 1 GB card (or about 1/3 of the $500 they want for 4GB).

People have already been criticizing leopard features. The new dock, for instance, is even worse than the old one. But you can get rid of the stupid pseudo 3d with ease, and Quicksilver is around, so who cares about the dock anyway. I'm really looking forward to spaces (virtual desktops, woo hoo!). And by the time it gets here, all the other 3rd party stuff I rely on will be leoparded.

So now I just have to wait for the shipping notice...

bubbo in his new home!

bubbo in his new home!, originally uploaded by Rakka.

Bubbo came home today.

I impulsively bought Bubbo at the Plush You Opening at Schmancy (which was a few weeks ago). Now that the show is over, I get to bring him home. He goes pretty well with Baboo (pictured at right).