the sads

I think I've had the Sads this winter. Now that the weather is finally breaking I'm suddenly doing stuff again. I just realized that I haven't done anything since november. No flickr, blogging, nothing. Weird.

Is the Sads contagious? Could I have caught it off of Rakka?

my player weighs a ton

I've been listening to a lot of Nobody and Blockhead recently. They both have some tracks that I really really like, and some others that are only moderately neat-o.

Also, I like nearly everything I've heard from Cepia, but it's almost too mellow sometimes.

I've only heard the one album from Nobody, And Everything Else...

There's some lady singing in that song. I do this thing where I ignore lyrics, so they might be crap.

I only like the one album by Blockhead, Music by Cavelight.

Cepia just has EPs apparently. Here's one.

I'm not actually encouraging you to buy from bleep, btw. Although I do sometimes. The main thing is they have better web tools than That seems wrong somehow.

new posters

I really like the visual design work of Scott Hansen. So does Rakka. So it was really hard to not take advantage of the three or more discount. So hard, in fact, that we got three of them. They arrived today. They're even better in person.

The Knitting Factory and Svenska v2 are the other two.

spacious hybrid

Did I mention I got zip car? Well, I did.

Today, the station wagony subaru I reserved wasn't there. Which sucked because we were taking a crap-ton of stuff to goodwill after our recent move. Did I mention that we moved, Rakka and I? Upstairs, same building? Well, we did.

It's got, like, a battery and shit.

Anyway, there we were with no car. When we called in, they bumped us up to Honda Prius Hybrid (normally an extra buck an hour). I was worried we'd have to make two trips, we had so much stuff. But that thing is roomy.

Look at all that junk. That's a lot of junk in a trunk.
Well, not exactly a trunk, but that'll amuse Rakka anyway.