Grindstone to get a good view up my nose tomorrow

It's been a pretty good week off over all. Renting a car wasn't nearly as fun as I had hoped. The way people drive here doesn't work for me. People are too unpredictable, or I just can't read their car-body language. I had trouble sleeping; every time I closed my eyes I had visions of car crashes. I was so happy to turn that thing back in.

So I'm not totally relaxed, but now the week is over and it's back to work tomorrow. I need a more sustainable relaxation technique than taking weeks off (short of taking all the weeks off). I think Billy Danze said it best.
Keep a rugged dress code, always in this stress mode
[That shit will send you to your grave] So?!
You think I don't know that?
-Billy Danze, M.O.P.
Say it Billy. I know the drill. I, too, am nine hundred and ninety nine thou short of a mil. Yapping fools isn't going to work for me though. Maybe a beach party?

Did I mention I've downloaded loopfindr?
True story.
Happens to sync perfectly with
Sixtyten by Boards of Canada
Nah. The PNW has too much in common with the Scooby Doo universe. My beach party will inevitably be plagued by Moss Monsters or Shit Golems or something.

Oh, speaking of work, I just remembered: frisbee season is over here in Seattle. Yes, frisbee has a season, organized teams and playoffs. I always thought ultimate frisbee was something non-athletic college kids did when they wanted to be outside. The level of formality given to it here seems more like the backdrop for a quirky, late Cary Grant rom-com than a real thing. And yet people will be wearing the team shirts around the office for years. Yep. Team shirts. For frisbee. Really a thing. Not a movie.

Sorry, this has been a bit of a downer of a post. I'll leave you with something nice.
Morning Light

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