beans and ferries

While I had the rental car the other week, Rakka and I went out of our way for "Proper British Bacon." It's a store, a butcher. They're very nice, and they have some nice imports too. I've been putting brown sauce on everything this week.
Proper Beans
Beans on toast only works with british beans. Boston baked beans on toast. No. That's not a thing. That's an anti-thing. Don't even go there.

Also, don't go to seattle (from here in bremerton) if you can help it. The ferries are falling apart. People are starting to talk. Couple a weeks ago I had to press my way through the crowds waiting, luckily, for the other ferry as one of theirs had broken down. Somehow this friday just gone they managed to let an extra 450 people or so on, and not realize it until they were out in the water. They had to go back. Imma do my best to avoid those things for a while.

Random Cat Picture

Ms Peel
In other news, and this will thrill and amaze I'm sure, I've installed windows on my imac so that I can play a wider variety of games on steam. Even though both of the ones I've been playing kinda run on osx. If you must know, 7 Days to Die and Planet Explorers. See, I told you it'd be thrilling (I promise not to post gameplay videos).

Another Random Cat Picture

That's all for now. I've go to go. This defensive rampart won't construct itself.

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