So, unlike Alcatraz, the Cryptonomicon takes more than 6 hours to read. It's like 1000 pages or some crap.

Everybody really seems to like this book. I'm not sure I agree. I mean, it's got plenty of interesting bits. They cryptography bits were fun, but half the time it seemed like Stephenson was just using the plot as an excuse to explain the crypto. The thing is, you don't need 1000 pages to excuse about 15 pages of technical junk.

But it's good that there's some technical junk in there. The plot alone didn't really have enough going for it to sustain the thousand pages. Maybe that's because I only found one or two of the characters compelling. Or because he started about 50 plot threads and only finished about 3.

I really started to lose interest about the 6 or 7 hundred page mark, when it was as if Stephenson realized that had a book to write and he should really start thinking about that. It felt rushed. The conclusion was not satisfying.

Ok, that sounded like a rant. I didn't really mean for it to. I did enjoy it enough to read the whole thing. So, um, yeah...

Alcatraz vs. the evil librarians

Rakka made me read this book. No, not a clockwork orange style.

It was more like, every time I turned around, the book just happened to be be there, ready for reading. This went on for about three days.

I finally picked it up.

It's good. It's for young adults, but that shouldn't stop you. It only takes about six hours to read. I know, because I just spent the last six hours reading it.

The story was fun. Even better, though, was all the self referential banter and snide comments about highfalutin lit. Brilliant.

Oh, it's January

I've been away for a while. Why? Because Super Mario Galaxy got here just before christmas. I don't have all the stars yet (37 left), but last night I busted Bowser on his head. That seems like a good reason to crawl out of my hole and start participating in the world again. So, hi...

While we're here, lets consider this a positive review of SMG. It's mindwarping fun. Occasionally the camera kills me, but over all it's a good game.