Cold rain in August.

The problem with trying to blog when you're in a day job is you're just doing the same shit all the time. I mean, I could tell you how frustrating and tedious it is to manipulate date/time info in computer programs. But if you program at all you know that, and if you don't then you don't care.

I could tell you about summer being over, now that it's mid August, as wrong as that seems for a North American city. It's also a boring subject but it is s good segue to segways.

Cold rain shifted my course to under the viaduct this morning. I found a sharp contrast between the poor sick individuals sitting in their wheel chairs in front of the compass center, and the healthy people on their segway tour struggling to hear their guide over the traffic noise. If you need a single vignette to describe Seattle, there you go. Or you cold just label it "capitalism" and be done.

I didn't take a picture though. I don't mind shaming segway tours, but the guys in the wheelchairs don't need that shit. 

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