Diffuse Glow

It's been foggy for the last few days. Probably an inversion layer over puget sound or whatever. This is bad for breathing but it does make for some interesting photo opportunities. The fog wasn't distributed evenly. As my ferry approached Seattle it encountered a very distinct fog bank. At one point the front of the boat was in fog, and the back wasn't. On the way in there was this one moment where you couldn't tell where the sea stopped and the sky started.

Blue and White
Later on, back in Bremerton, the fog caught up with us. Every street light became a special effect. On nights like this it's so easy to get an interesting photo it feels like cheating.

Illuminated Tree
But it was sunny one day this week. This is from wednesday morning? Doesn't matter. It was sometime.

Green Stripe, Red Stripe

Rainy Day Photography

Wet Gray Blanket

Cloud Cover

Oh God, help I'm so Googie.

Bright Sunny Day