A Journey Shortened

I know I promised that we'd go to the rainforest and take lots of pictures yesterday. But I broke that promise. That's what I do; I break promises.

driving still happened

I hardly slept the night before. The prospect of 8 hours behind the wheel did not sound like fun. The point of the endeavor was just enjoyment, but I was so tired it took me an hour to put two and two together.

Eventually, I went back to bed. Eventually, we set off towards our new destination: Port Townsend. It's much closer.

Swapped blue for green. Quite a change. (map via OpenStreetMap)

Got lost once, but found Port Gamble. It's like a model railroad village made large. Like it came in a kit marked "1:1 H scale (Human scale)". Although apparently truly historic, it feels like it was built in the 80s as tourist trap. It has exactly the same feel as Colonial Williamsburg. Somehow I didn't take any pictures, except like this.

general store. port gamble.

And so on to Port Townsend. Let's see: had some lunch at Nifty Fifties. The back deck is not as 50s themed as the interior, not at all, but it has a very pleasant outlook.
lunch view

Food was good.
Simple but effective

After walking around town for a another 3 minutes it was time to head to the park. Got lost on the way to that too but found some deer wandering about eating peoples flowers. One of them looked pretty sick, poor thing. I hope she makes it.

The county courthouse is pretty impressive. And they have a place for your guns while you're in the building.
Armored chairs to the right
The park is nice if you like old bunkers and not getting very close to lighthouses. You have to buy a day pass for $10/car by putting in an envelope and sticking it in a box. We're still trying to break a 20 somewhere.
Bunker with a view
Moody as shit up here

Neat trees

Lots of neat trees
Did i mention the beach? Comes complete with baby punks.
After poking around in the bunker for a bit, walking past a fantastic field of snowberries, and not getting very close to the lighthouse we headed for home.

Don't forget the snowberries

The return trip was punctuated by deco and pie. The deco can in the form of the Kelly Art Deco Light Museum at Vintage Hardware. That's exactly as exciting as it sounds. Which is pretty exciting if you're me. If you're not me, it may be less so, but that's up to you.

The pie. It was incredibly good pie. Such a high ratio of filling to crust that it came in a bowl. And ice cream. This. This pie. This pie is the pie. This pie is the pie that finally made me understand pie a la mode. The filling, and not the crust, mixes with the ice cream, and does it really well. It all makes sense now.
Nice neon at Chimacum Café

Bowl of Pie
Thanks Chimacum Café, you've changed my life. And I'm not just saying that because you were in the paper yesterday.

Anyway, the car went back today. The week's adventures are over. Probably for the best; I think I'm coming down with something.

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