Captain Haddock: Space Pirate

You Pestilential Pachyderm! You miserable blundering barbecued blister!

I would have paid good money to see Captain Haddock: Space Pirate. And while Captain Harlock: Space Pirate was beautifully rendered, it was absolute nonsense and Harlock didn't once threaten to reduce anybody to powder. I was a little sad about that.

But, being me, I want to track down the original shit from the 70s. And I probably will. Or I'll forget.

Also. In the ongoing quest to watch all the doctor whos with rakka, in order, we watched the The Aztecs over the weekend. You know something, it was really good. Story telling wise, it was packed with excitement. Sure you had to use your imagination ever so slightly to fill in the gaps left by the budget, but damn that Tlotoxl is a bad man.
Barbara, in the thick of it and kicking ass like usual
I used to not like it. Don't know why. Probably because no space monsters. But the storytelling is good. Plot's pretty tight. Pace is quick. For '63 especially.

Also, also. You know the yakuza movie where the main guy pits 2 or 3 clans against each other and everybody dies, including the main guy. Yeah, it's all yakuza movies. At least it seems that way. But it's always fun to watch Beat Takeshi do that twitch thing.
The Outrageous Beat Takeshi

But I have the new Tana French, and that's all that really matters. Are you not in The Secret Place yet? You best get on it.

At 50%, very good so far.

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