clouseau is an inspector, not a monk

Oh, snap. I missed posting yesterday. It's because I went to bed at 8pm. I just want to go back. I'm sick again. Ferry cold I think. I get a lot of those. As a result this will be a boring post.
light passed through trees on the way in the other day

I did finish The Monk before completely shutting down. The end made me cringe. Not all the devil bits. Who cares. But the part where the surviving rape victim (yeah, the other one gets murdered too. cheery right?) feels compelled to spend a several page monologue on apologizing to her rapist for her conduct so that he'll still accept her. Despite the fact that he's the guy who keeps fucking shit up for her. Lewis mentions in passing that he apologizes too. She gets pages, he gets one line. Very much yuck.

I would like to say it's a product of it's times. But I can't. People, it turns out, are still bastards.

But not everything in the world is bad. This light what I got at target looks like a dalek eye stalk.
light like a dalek
That helped lighten the mood right? Not enough though. We need to deploy the ultimate solution. That's right. A cat picture.
Clouseau, cute as always
Ok. Now I feel better.

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