why is life so hard?

I've been looking for a computer desk for a long time. I thought I found one in this, but it hasn't been working out (it's uncomfortable to sit at, to say the least). So I'm back in the market.

Search for "computer desk" anywhere and you'll find pages and pages of tables, sometimes with a keyboard tray. These are not computer desks. I put it to you, how can it be a "computer desk" if it doesn't have cable management? You gonna spend hundreds of dollars on a desk to still be faced with cable spaghetti?

I also wonder why they have to be so ugly.

Does it really come down to choosing between form and function? Do I spring for some knoll to get something that kinda works, but makes the pad feel like a cube farm? Is that all there is?

carbonado, wa

river, originally uploaded by leff.

Went up to Carbonado this weekend with my friend Brent and his friend Doug, met a bunch their friends up there, then slogged through the mud to find this ghost town.

It was a town, called Melmont. The ghost town label is a bit of stretch though. That implies some standing buildings and stuff.

What we found were the ruins of Melmont. They consisted of a rock wall that may or may not have been part of a building, the ruins of a dynamite store house, and the ruins of the one room school. Each separated by a quarter mile slog down a very muddy trail.

Still, it was a bunch of fun. An Adventure, you know? There's a ton more pictures on flickr.

importing contacts

Hi. I'm just popping my head in here to say that it's time for social networks to expand their 'import contacts' features. Specifically, they should import from other social networks. Email is so passe; I would have tons of friends on yelp right now if it would import from facebook.

yes, I'm voting for Obama, now STOP CALLING ME

I guess I've learned my lesson. Never, ever, evereverever, put your phone number on anything. No matter how much you're behind it.

I couldn't be happier to vote for Obama. But seriously, enough with the calls. The count is up in the thousands now. At least two phone bank calls reminding me to vote, a robocall from Michele and at least one from every dem candidate in the state. Including "special commissioner for the appreciation of billiards" for all I know; I've kind of stopped paying attention.