A day out

Sunset Over Bremerton
There has been a ton of stuff going on with me. I haven't been sharing because it's mostly like "did some taxes." "did some more taxes." "sent a business form." "oh, it's tax time again." This working from home gig is great, but as a contractor I'm running a business and to be honest I think an LLC reporting as an S-Corp might be overkill. You supposedly save on taxes but you're literally doing taxes and business stuff all the time.

Between that and watching the sidewalk in front of the house finally get repaired (yay!), self diagnosing myself with vitamin D deficiency, scheduling and canceling a trip to chicago, scheduling a trip to tokyo (and another to california), and having a back flair up it's been a busy quarter.

Still, trip to tokyo coming up. That's very exciting. More on that later, probably.

But the big news is that I got out of the house this weekend. That maybe doesn't seem like big news, but when you work from home these things begin to take on significant moment.

And it was great. Rakka and I went over to seattle to visit our friend k. We got lunch. It was a beautiful day; we hung out in the yard with some drinks. Good stuff. Here's what it looked like.
Fried Dill Pickles and Collard's

Even the trip home was pretty good. That first picture came at the end, but this was the beginning of the end.

Oh, and while I'm here. Some unrelated stuff. Another thing about being home all the time, I start to pay more attention to my space. Or maybe I have more time to notice because 4 hours of commuting takes 4 hours, even if it is on a pretty boat ride. Anyway, I got some stuff from cb2 to brighten up the place.
Foxy Brown, the paperclip fox
Oh, yeah, and so that barbeque was that first red(ish) meat I'd had in a while. Except for the burger I had the night before, but before that it had honestly been at least a month. You know, I feel much better. I either need to make a habit of this or increase my dark green leafy veg intake by a factor of 1000.