is it just me?

Maybe it's in comparison to newer, shinier browsers, but I'm really starting to think firefox is getting slower. I usually think about this during the two minutes between double clicking the icon and FF becoming responsive.

The small amount of research I've done revealed a comment thread about how Firefox uses the file system as a random number generator, and it needs a lot of random numbers at start up to establish security session variables and junk. While this sounds plausible, I can't just swallow it.

There are a few problems with the theory.
  1. The posts claimed it's a windows only, FF 3.5 problem. It's been happening on mr. mac here since 3.0.x
  2. A further claim was that it used, among other things, the IE temp folder. Now, I've met some people that make Firefox and they're not that silly. They want you to replace IE with FF, why would they introduce a dependence on IE?
  3. Forums are claiming it's fixed in 3.5.1. But it still happens to me.
It's probably a plugin. I'll blame firebug. Whenever it's a performance problem I blame firebug.

I think this only happens after a full restart of the computer.

update 2.
Safari is now doing this to me. I think the aliens are trying to make me crazy. It won't work though. I have this had lined with tin foil...