so, what do you think?

blogger worth switching to full time?

after sleeping on it, and getting encouragement from rakka and pip, and knowing groc made the switch, I'm going to switch. Between A and pip I have enough info to know that 1 of my issues is totally overcomeable, which isn't a word but I don't care.Link


r4kk4 said...

yes. do it!

you'd be surprised at how nice it can be once you get used to it.

of course, when it's down or something truly bizarre that isn't documented happens, it's a pain in the ass but there's always blogger forums. the people that post to it are knowledgable and friendly.

leff said...

Ok. I'll switch. I'll do my 5 things here.

Phil Wilson said...

teh awesome.

Irregular Shed said...

Well, I started using Drupal entirely because you do/did/whatever... and I was getting annoyed with some shortcomings with Blogger (which I started using way back in Y2K - blimey!).

I've since used a tiny fraction of its power, and very few of the features that I thought I'd use a lot I've ever actually bothered setting up.

But I'll probably stick with Drupal for now.

leff said...

Sorry Shed. Drupal is still ok. But blogger 2 (or whatever they call it) is nice.

I've been writing modules for drupal, and after getting into the code I'm less impressed, I guess. It's good that it can run anywhere, even on old php versions. But I want OOP, not naming conventions. The old Droop's still totally fine, as long as you're not fickle.

I think I'm fickle. I just want a shiny new toy. Maybe I'll hate blogger after a month and want to switch back. I'm crrAAaazzZZyy.

Irregular Shed said...

I might have a glance across it and see what I think. Or not, depending on whether they introduce 32 hour days =)

leff said...

I've been thinking about it some more. This might turn into a full post later, but it comes down to this:

I've found I don't want tons of power and control in my day to day blogging app. When I have total access to the code then I can always make it better. After a while I find myself thinking that because I can, I should. Then I start feeling guilty because I haven't.

Using blogger removes most of that guilt for me (but the template still needs a lot of work :)