Oh, nice once blogger.

Oh, that's a useful error message. "13". Right. I'll go fix that and try again.

Looks like somebody forgot an entry in a language file or something i18n is just tons of fun.

So I don't know if the file is broken, or what. Does blogger support GIF? Because that's the only difference between the busted image and the evidence image on the right there.

Now that I've posted about blogger the post I was trying to make will have to wait until another day. Or never. It was just about how I can't watch Netflix streaming movies at work because I use a mac there. Not to interesting anyway.


r4kk4 said...

that error? it usually doesn't mean anything.

if you go into your post through the dashboard and "edit" it and then republish it? there usually aren't any problems.

it's a stupid blogger thing. and it's annoying. but it's easy to work around.

leff said...

Hmmm. I'll try that next time. I think it was something to do with that particular GIF image though.

I tried to upload it for two days. But the PNG image that went with this post uploaded fine.

Phil Wilson said...

Error 13 is my most favourite error ever, but sadly for me I've never seen it (in five years of Blogger). You must be very special!

leff said...

Oh, I am. I ride the short bus.