Not much going on in leff town today. Which makes it a perfect time to clear out the junk drawer, otherwise known as the SD card in my phone.

Junk like the intersection of NW 57 and 58 streets in Ballard. I found it while walking around at lunch one day. It seems strange to me to design streets on a grid just to have two of the parallel ones meet.

Seattle does have numbered streets running n, s, e and w. It's common to talk about the intersection of 15th and 85th, for instance. And they serve tartar sauce with french fries. Maybe I just shouldn't try to understand.

Also found recently, a crazy construction activity, with random commentary from grover for some reason. Seriously, why is grover there? I dunno.

After much whining about how my bike was so crappy and kept breaking, I found the part I needed for $17 + shipping. I rode it to work today (the bike, not the part). Hooray for exercise! But that meant night riding. I don't trust cars. So I put some lights on. Ya think I have enough?

That's my backpack on the ground. Those christmas lights are woven into the straps.


Aaron said...

The weird thing about that 57th and 58th picture is that they are both streets. Normally, one is a street and the other is an avenue. For example, I read 15th and 85th as 15th ave and 85th st.

leff said...

Yeah, 57th street veers to the north and then dead ends on 58th. So they run parallel for most of the way.