It's official, a cool thing, and 5 more things

So, it's official. I'm going to blogger now. Though this blog will probably be imported on the fly in to the old for posterity. You won't even have to change your feeds if you don't want to, at least not for a while.

This is the cool thing, bbc on twitter. To be honest I'll probably turn it off after a while, because 'real' news sites post way to often. But I love the idea of information finding me wherever I am. Which is what twitter is really good at.

Pip called me out. Here are five things people probably don't know about me.
  1. I was a 'double' brown belt in Tai Kwon Do when I was about 14.
  2. I took a 300 level explosives class in college, just because we got to watch them detonate a 500 pound ball of TNT at the end of the semester. I'm probably on some list at the fbi because of it. (my college has it's own explosives testing range)
  3. I got a pipe and some pipe tobacco because I thought it was funny, but I still use it once in a while (every other month or so).
  4. When asked to sit in a cubicle I tear down the walls and drag them out into the hall. (by 'tear down' I mean 'dismantle')
  5. Everybody who I know that would post one of these things has already been tagged.
  6. You get an extra, bonus item because the last one was a cop-out. But it's just self referential silliness, so it's like a double cop-out. I have a tendency to never follow the rules on these things (and that's the real number 5).


Phil Wilson said...

hey, didn't I comment on these already? man, having your two blogs is just confusing me now!

what does 300 level mean? Is that like in World of Warcraft? Did they blow up a caravan with the TNT?

leff said...

Sorry about the confusion. These changes are always tumultuous.

But no, it's not WoW. We didn't have WoW. We had doom and muds.

300 level is like 3rd year at uni. That's the way we play it up in here. And that's where 'basket weaving 101' comes from.