trains and daiso

Rakka posted all about the model trains, including lots of pretty pictures. And I'm feeling lazy today, so here's a link.

Nah, who am I kidding. Here are some pictures.
olde timey charm by leff on Treemo you had me up until the giant lizard by leff on Treemo z scale is the scale by leff on Treemo lego motion by leff on Treemo

And even a really really boring movie.

Rakka also found the new Daiso store (I would just sit around staring at the walls if it wasn't for her), right at the end of the monorail. It's a 1000 Yen store, which is about a buck fiddy. We dropped like siddy. Because we are insane. Still, that's only thirty each. If you put it like that it doesn't sound quite so crazy, does it?

My favorite find, other than the string of 20 LEDs + battery pack, is the British Bistro Bear cup. I will use it all the time.

And also a home for the creature from the black lagoon.
black lagoon box by leff on Treemo

In other news, it's been slightly snowy here. Which is odd. What's more odd is that the snow has been staying around, at least when it's in the shade. See.
Shade lines by leff on Treemo

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