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Bad Albert's Tap & Grill on Urbanspoon
It's Bad Albert's! *

The place is nice and relaxed, in traditional Ballard style. No nĂ¼Ballard pretension here. Which is fantastic.

The food is good. But it was generally agreed upon by my group of starving web devs that the $9.50 they were asking for the sammiches was high. By about two dollars.

I'm told the fries where not stunning. My side salad was very nice though; it was $1 extra.

It really is very clean. (lower numbers are better, 20 is pretty good)

Conclusion: I'd go again, but not very often.

* They made me sign a waver saying that I wouldn't make Fat Albert jokes if I blogged about it. But they didn't say it in Ubbi Dubbi so it doesn't count. That's 100% truth.

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