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Bad Albert's Tap & Grill on Urbanspoon
It's Bad Albert's! *

The place is nice and relaxed, in traditional Ballard style. No nüBallard pretension here. Which is fantastic.

The food is good. But it was generally agreed upon by my group of starving web devs that the $9.50 they were asking for the sammiches was high. By about two dollars.

I'm told the fries where not stunning. My side salad was very nice though; it was $1 extra.

It really is very clean. (lower numbers are better, 20 is pretty good)

Conclusion: I'd go again, but not very often.

* They made me sign a waver saying that I wouldn't make Fat Albert jokes if I blogged about it. But they didn't say it in Ubbi Dubbi so it doesn't count. That's 100% truth.

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