Olympic Sculpture Park Opens

The SAM Olympic Sculpture Park opened yesterday, and today R and I ambled on down for a quick scout round. We had been by before, but we couldn't go in. I was impressed. But it's not quite done yet, so sorry about the fences and muddy patches cluttering up the photos.

There was lots going on. Ice Sculpture.

A guy in a grass suit.

Here we have a panorama (which is hard to get right when you don't have a tripod).
SAM sculpture park  pano by leff on Treemo

There are lots of other pictures of the eagle (by Calder). Somewhat appropriate, since the whole museum came in to being as a place to put it.
eagle with mountains by leff on Treemoan eagle with a needle in its butt by leff on Treemo

Claes Oldenburg is an ass. His stuff is fun, but copyrighting a public sculpture? Come on. Anybody want to buy a picture of his sculpture? heh heh.
tell claes oldenburg to go suck a lemon by leff on Treemocopyright this by leff on Treemo

A Serra, a Pepper and an And.
a serra by leff on Treemoits made of bronze by leff on Treemoneedle amp eagle by leff on Treemo

It's quite a place.
looking back from the fountain overlook by leff on Treemo

Full of Camels.
sammy the camel by leff on Treemo

Really, I can't wait until it's finished all the way. And the crowds have died down a bit.


Phil Wilson said...

what the hell? a man in a grass suit?!

leff said...

Rakka did the research
"and michael decafferty (?? i'm sorry if i got his name wrong!) wearing a joseph beuys inspired straw suit!! how awesome!

(mr. decafferty was responsible for the placement of the sculpture in the park (at least i think that's what his role in the project was.) and i believe that he is now one of my favorite people in seattle!)

r4kk4 said...

yeah, well, i did get an useless art degree. i have to use it for something.