some work going on over at

Nothing special. Had a bit of a security breach, so I thought I should upgrade to Drupal 5. It's been more of a hassle than I wanted it to be. It doesn't help that stupid comcast broke my internet right in the middle.

Anyway, I hope it doesn't inconvenience anybody.

And... we're back.
But man that was annoying. It's things like this that make me like blogger. I mean, it's nice to be able to have total control. But with that comes responsibility. I'm too busy to worry about this crap.


Irregular Shed said...

Bummer. What happened?

Phil Wilson said...

"I'm too busy to worry about this crap."


leff said...

So, somebody managed to append a line in index.php. It was an iframe for spam. Of course, that's a pure php file, and it's the controller, so it just broke everything.

It was a simple fix, just had to copy my backup over top. But just to be sure it didn't happen again I figured I should upgrade to the latest and greatest.

But since I was trying to work on another (fun) project I didn't do enough prep, and things went wonky.

And that's where the line that Phil quoted comes from.