a short stack of minis

We shuffled some stuff around at work, and we ended up with an extra mini and an extra monitor. As you can see, I'm making good use of it.

The fun part is that with synergy it's almost like dual screen system. One keyboard and mouse, two computers. With these pre-intel mac minis you need two, especially if you need to do about 12 things at a time. Which I always do.

Synergy isn't 100% done on os x, but it's pretty nice so far. Copy and paste only works for text, but that's rarely an issue. The cursor seems to jump around as you mouse near the border, but I expect I'll get used to it.

Setting up auto-on is a pain in the ass though. If I can't get it working smoothly I will get all grumbly.

It's a bit odd having two of everything. Two docks, two slightly different configurations and two quicksilvers that have been trained differently. Keeping track of it uses extra mental resources. And you can ask anybody, I don't have a lot of those to spare.

Running a single, powerful workhorse with the power to run zend studio, two+ web browsers (one of which is the memory hungry firefox (what's your deal anyway, FF? why would a lightweight browser ever need 300MB of real memory?)), 17 terminal windows, and a media player (while driving two monitors) is the ideal.

But this is what I have. Being able to do all that stuff without having to wait for mouse clicks to do something is worth spending some extra brain cycles.

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