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I'm not sure what's up with the name, other than the old 'all the good urls are taken', but is still pretty cool. It's the first (potentially) useful web based todo list that I've seen.

This is because you can interact with it mobile style. Add to a list, and retrieve the list from email or your phone (which is actually just email, more on that int the geek section). So when you walk in to the grocery store and realize you've forgotten the list, again, you can just fire off a blank message to your grocery list and it'll send itself back to you.

You have multiple lists and you can interact with them individually. Each list has a unique email address, like I can give you that real example because you white list the email addresses that have access.

Geek Section
On a geeky level, what's interesting to me, as one who works with text messaging on web sites, is the fact that they're doing it garage band style. They don't actually have text messaging per se; it's just email. You can tell right off because they ask for your phone number and your provider. With both those things they can construct an email address for your phone. They know that T-mobile phones are, for instance.

It's what we used to do at Treemo before we got what's called an aggregator and a short code. The aggregator is a third party that handles the text messages. The short code is a 4-8 digit number, like 873366, that you can text to.

Both of these things are expensive. I can totally forgive Gubb for not springing for them. On a niche site like that it makes sense to not invest the money until you know you've got traction.

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Irregular Shed said...

Looks nifty, I'll give it a whirl. Shame the email-to-SMS thing doesn't work for most UK carriers... but I guess that with some clever glue code you could link a phone and with

As for the name - short for 'gubbins' perhaps?

leff said...

Hmmm. Maybe it is short for 'gubbins', not that I ever hear that term. The internet says is mostly a British term.

It'd be a bit ironic for it to be a named after a British term and yet not work in the UK at all.

Irregular Shed said...

Meh, what does the internet know? =)

leff said...

As a side note, as nice it is, I haven't used gubb since about the time I posted this :)