The view from the Warwick [architecture friday]

Last week I had the chance to go up the Warwick. The Warwick itself is an ugly bit of concrete with a rather comical definition of 'balcony'.

balcony at the Warwick hotel
Guest: Hello, room service, can we get some deck chairs?
RS: Sure, but you have to leave them in the hall.

The view from one of those south facing ledges (with disturbingly shaky railings) is fantastic. I posted some of these on flickr last week. 1 2 3. Here are some of my other favorites.

downtown closeup
Old and newish

fancy roof deck, downtown, seattle
Roof Deck Jealousy is the name of my next band

I have to admit to liking that new wa-mu tower (the one with SAM in it)

almost done
I'm not sure I like this one. I think it was better as a skeleton

You'll notice that there aren't any pictures of the Warwick itself (except to make fun of the balconies). It's so ugly that their own website doesn't even have any outside shots. The best I could find for you is this virtual tour.

warwick hotel virtual tour screenshot
"I'm so ugly I give me


Anonymous said...

My dentist's office is in the building with the roof deck. The elevator is a little too old, but the building has a lot of charm inside.

leff said...

I'm totally pretending to go to your dentist and then taking the old elevator.