Achievement Unlocked

I'm talking about Mass Effect again (not Redfin engineering employee of the quarter, although that did happen this week. go me!). My obsessive drive to complete it finally paid off today, when I, um, completed it. This makes me a 'completionist' according to the game. It's not a word, but that hardly matters.

magnum Shepard

What does matter is I kicked the bad guy in the nuts. Figuratively of course. More technically I shot him a whole bunch of times. And his metal minions.

I enjoyed the game pretty well after I realized I was doing it in the wrong order. Trying to do the second to last big thing, right out of the starting gate, was pretty frustrating. I kept thinking how hard this thing was and trying not to throw the controller.

So then I over compensated. Did every last little mission. Got tons of XP; leveled up really high. Got rich enough to have all the best equipment. The mission of death and failure was actually pretty easy when properly equipped. So was the last, big climax.

But that's ok. I play games, as I've said, to explore. Unfortunately, that got a little tedious. Only a few of the small missions stood out. There were only about three building layouts. Most planets had 1 annomoly, 1 debris field, and 1 building to explore. You get tired of running through the same halls all the time, even if the shipping containers are laid out slightly differently.

Still, I might replay it. I want to see what it would be like to play it as an asshole (instead of the nice guy that I did this time).

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