I did say at one point that I wasn't sure about bioshock. At Chris' urging I gave it another try. I'm glad I did. I finished it this weekend (yes, I've been obsessing over two video games. It's called multi-tasking). Suspension of disbelief was still an issue, but I got into it after I finally got through the "three big daddies and no weapons" room. The rocket launcher changed a lot.

See what I did there? I made the assumption that you know what big daddies are. BioShock has been out for a while, so I just assumed. But that makes an ass out of u and me. This is a big daddy (note, like the movie with adam sandler, he is not funny):

big daddy
He's one mean mother... shut your mouth! just talking about big daddy.

(Sorry about the image cross posting. Blogger is being stupid with uploads right this minute, and I'm impatient)

The story grew on me, eventually. Then it was too short. But the thing I really liked is the setting. It would be beautiful if it wasn't full of splicer crap. Freaking splicers and their crap. I'd do a whole architecture post about it if I could get the pictures to come out.

big daddy with little sister
Awww. The big sweetie is just protecting the little girl...
while she extracts magic fluid from corpses. Ewww.
What a difference a vowel makes.

Speaking of which, all video game systems are networked, and they all have a dash thing that comes up over the game. Why is there not a built in screen shot button that can send a jpg to an email address? I would use the hell out of that.

Plasmids get to be more fun as it gets easier to get them

Really though. The setting would be so nice if it was clean and well lit. Can we set an animal crossing type game in BioShock (Rapture Crossing?). A game where I can get an apartment under the sea and just stroll around going to shows and enjoying how pretty everything is? Is it weird that this is my big take away from the game?


Anonymous said...

Glad you stuck with it and enjoyed the game. It's one of my favs.

If you think Rapture looked beautiful in Bioshock, just wait for the prequel to come out this xmas.

leff said...

Oh, it's a prequel!? Before the fall/war/catastrophe? That sounds like the business. I'm there.

Anonymous said...

See, it's posts like this that make me want a 360. And then I look at the pile of Wii, PS2, Gamecube and DS games that I've not finished and cry until I forget all about it.

leff said...

you're obviously not spending enough time gaming.

Anonymous said...

You're probably right.

One of the other problems might be that I do tend to like 100-hour japanese RPGs. They tend to sort of take it out of me for a bit, especially once you've done most of the side quests too (I think at the moment I have Rogue Galaxy, Tales of Symphonia, Okami and Kingdom Hearts all played to differing degrees in *this genre alone*). That's why I can never, ever play Disgaea. Although I hear there's a DS version coming out :( Maybe once I've finished Advance Wars:Dual Strike?

And then I was in a shop the other day that was selling 2 Wii games for £40 (which is good value for the UK), but I'd first have to finish Zack and Wiki. sigh. I just don't have the dedication anymore.

leff said...

I like the 100 hour Japanese RPGs too. Tales of Symphonia and Okami are two of my favorite games. I played Okami on the PS2, a couple times, but I'm still thinking of getting it for the wii.

I think my secret is that I'm really picky. I tried Kingdom Hearts, Advance Wars:Dual Strike and Zack and Wiki. I chose not to finish any of them.

This is where gamefly really comes in handy. Any game I'm not sure of goes through the rental process, and if I like it I pay about $20 on average to keep it.

Anonymous said...

Sounds fair. Game rentals are really expensive in the UK at a minimum of about £8 a month IIRC. So I buy. I only finish the ones I like, and unfortunately I only buy ones that I think I'll like. I like ToSymphonia but it's also my only NTSC game which means I *have* to use my Freeloader+GC to play it because it won't work in my wii, hence have only played about 15% of the whole thing. Rubbish.

leff said...

Oh, that's about what I pay. Maybe I'm just a sucker, but it seems to work for me. That's only for one game out at a time too.

Did they not release toSymphonia on PAL? Did we talk about that already? Was it years ago?

Anonymous said...

maybe i'm just cheap. plus, I get a lot of games vouchers at christmas and birthday time.

There seem to be some PAL editions of ToSymphonia on ebay so I guess it did come out, but I never saw it and there aren't many copies on ebay. When I got mine on import it wasn't available in the UK *anywhere*.