The Exchange Building [architecture friday]

I was really busy last week, and so I skipped my building fetish post. Well, today's the start of a four day weekend, so let's look at some reinforced concrete!

This week it's the Exchange Building, in downtown. It's deco! *swoons*

Top View, Exchange Building, Seattle, WA

It's so hot, I'm going to let it speak for itself. For the most part. You know I can't help a quick ramble now and again. Anyway, check this place out. Even the signage is nice.

Signage, Exchange Building, Seattle, WA

Lots of nice details.

Close up, Exchange Building, Seattle, WA

And quite a nice shape.

Exchange Building, Seattle, WA

The entrance is on 2nd is so pretty that my first week working downtown I went to the sundries store in the lobby for lunch. It was a crummy lunch, but a wonderful excuse to mill around in the building.

2nd Ave Entrance, Exchange Building, Seattle, WA

Speaking of work, I really need to do a post about the Dexter Horton building. Which is where I work. See, this is all coming together. It was designed by the same dude as what did the Exchange. He had a certain flair. I think I'm a fan of this John Graham.

[where: 821 2nd Ave, Seattle, WA 98104] [map]


Anonymous said...

to my unedumacated eye it looks like a shorter version of Zuul's building from Ghostbusters.

leff said...

They both do have the same grandiose feel to them. And the stepped levels at the top. I don't remember much else about the GB building though. Maybe I'll go watch it.