finally made the credits roll on gta iv

GTA IVYes, many autos were theifed. Many pedestrians run down. Ramps were jumped. And missions accomplished. But Earth was not shattered.

I played it obsessively, but not as much as some of the previous ones. I had hoped for a big jump in gameplay, but alas, it was only an incremental improvement. A small increment.

Also, I hated all but two of the characters. Especially the ones that were supposed to be my friends. I enjoyed being able to knife the busker over and over, but why couldn't I do it to Brucie? God, I wanted to stab that guy soooo bad.

So, this gameplay thing. The city is huge, and detailed, and I can buy hot dogs for health. But I still can't pick stuff up unless it's a gun (or I'm on one specific mission at the begining that got my hopes up). There's just so much detail I wanted to be able to treat the city like it was real and I was a real person in it. But yah can't.

In the end it's still just an overblown arcade game.


Anonymous said...

This would explain why you've been blogging and flickring less :)

leff said...

Haha. Yes. When work picks up, something has to give. When I've got a game to be obsessed about, it's online social interactions that suffer.