Ruby on Rails Position...

I've been a bad blogger this week, I know. It's another one of those crunch time things. But I have to take 5 minutes to tell you this story.

I've spent the whole day trying to train gmail to treat these new "Ruby on Rails Position..." spam messages as spam. I've received 87 of them since I turned off the computer late last night. Then, just now I get a "Please Stop Group Replies [Was: Ruby on Rails position...]" and I'm thinking damn, these spammers are getting devious! This spam bot is simulating a real conversation!

So I look at it again. It's not actually a spam bot. All those names are real names. Those emails are real emails. Some dude collected a list of address, probably by hand, and tried to crowd source his dev position. Apparently he couldn't find the BCC field.

I was shocked. Hats off to the 'No more reply all' guy though.

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