my neighborhood smells delicious

Seriously. Just walking to the corner store I encountered an array of wonderful sents. Luckily, I'm on to the part of the cold where only one nostril is stopped up at a time, so I got to enjoy them.

There was caramelized onions. Oh man, somebody must have cooked up a bushel. I almost shouted out "hey you, with the onions, got any seats left!?"

Then I turned the corner to take the picture at the left (I love the lights on that building, I just noticed them a few days ago). It's right up the hill from the grain elevators. Which is maybe why it smelt like an amusement park log flume. It was like a little vacation.

And then there where the hamburgers. I don't even eat hamburgers. But I wanted to find them and ask the owners if they knew the onion guys.

Does Queen Anne always smell this good, or am I just overexcited by the first olfactory experience I've had in days (stupid cold).


r4kk4 said...

queen anne always smells good. no boiled dog food or boiled butt odors in this 'burg!

leff said...

it's certainly not memphis. I'll never miss that boiled dog food smell.