siff is popular

or how I missed the Sci-Fi film festival and went to Pan's Labyrinth instead.

Imagine a swarm of movie patrons. An orderly swarm that is.
It's pretty simple really. The Seattle International Film Festival has at least two words in the title that guarantees that it gets a lot interest in town. Those words are 'international' and 'festival'. Put those two words together with 'Seattle' and you've got something that's going to sell out, early.

I know this.

But I chose to forget. I was actually shocked for a minute when A and I got there half an hour before the show and the line wrapped around the block in two directions. Then I remembered: this is not baltimore or memphis, people do things, planning is required.

We got to a computer and checked, even the second showing was already sold out.

All was was well though, because El Laberinto del Fauno was pretty good. Though I must say it was much gorier than I expected. There were times when I thought I was watching a sam raimi film, or early peter jackson.

Still, totally worth seeing. If you don't mind being a bit depressed at the end. Oh, also, it's less about the dream world than the previews would lead you to believe. Quite a bit of 'grim reality' in there actually.

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Phil Wilson said...

Yeah I really liked Pan's Labyribth, although, as you say, much grittier than the trailers would have you believe. Bottle, anyone?