Ignite seattle

Ignite seattle
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Went to Ignite Deux at Chac. It was pretty fun. Very crowed though. We had to sit in the balcony, which was more or less tacked. As more and more people kept piling on I became convinced that it would collapse.

It didn't.

And there were a lot of good speakers. All in all a good show.

I particularly liked the talks by Scott Kveton on OpenID, Barry Brumitt on Google's MapReduce, Avi Geiger on “Power Consumption of Home Computers and Incandescent Lightbulbs”, Elisabeth Freeman on "how to write a technical book that doesn’t put your readers to sleep", Sarah Davies from Freedom For IP, and Marcelo Calbucci on AJAX error logging.

Most of the rest applied less directly to me, but was interesting non the less. Like Lars Liden from Teachtown who uses web tech to teach kids with Autism, and Deepak Singh on An Open Scientific Future.

The photos will go up on other sites, but that'll be later (after sleep). I wanted to put them in the photo pool, so they went up on flickr first and got stuck in this set.

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