oh, the things we do for science

(I'm filing this under food, but I'm not sure if it counts)

Rakka has just become the new retro food writer for swapatorium. It seemed like a great deal... until I realized that I'd be the primary tester for things like this month's mayo pie.

It was literally 1:1 mayo:potato. The thing was heavy with mayo. We could hardly find the potato bits for all the goo.

The post-game analysis was fun though.
A: how was the mayo pie? =)
me: oh, hey there's none left
A: is was that good?
not the result I would have expected for an old recipe meal =)
"old recipe" meaning the intentional attempt at making an unappetizing meal
me: Um, there's none left because we chucked it
A: oh, hahaha
And no, I don't feel bad about discarding a whole 6lbs of what was arguably food. It was for science.

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