My feedshake brings all the boys to the yard

I tried to make you a pipe. I mean a Yahoo Pipe. I was trying to make you a fancy rss feed of all my junk. I did actually make one. It's here.

Pipes is a pretty cool idea. If you haven't seen it yet (and if you haven't you must not have even thought the word 'lifehacker' in the last month; it's all they talk about) it's a mashup tool for news feeds (rss). It's all shiny and gui and web 2.0 and buzzword and other buzzword.

The thing is Pipes isn't smart enough yet to realize that pubDate and dc:date are the same thing. Since some of my feeds use one, and some use the other I can't actually sort by date. I love standards that aren't.

Feedshake, on the other hand is focused on exactly the task at hand: combining feeds. It's not nearly as shiny as pipes, but it seems to do what it does, and well. So, here's the feedshake feed. I think it will work better.

(Meanwhile, why can't I do this with my old standby, feedburner?)


Phil Wilson said...

I guess it depends on what you're trying to combine? My old "all stuff" feed that I created years back is on

I must admit though that I now can't see a way to edit its configuration and which feeds it includes. Bizarre.

leff said...

Feed burner lets me have a photo stream (flickr, photobucket), and a link stream (

But I can't get it to add arbitrary things like or whatever.

Phil Wilson said...

Still a-feared of getting sued for republishing someone else's data I guess

leff said...

But... that's what rss is for...