Some of you may have noticed hints of a secret side project that I've been working on. That side project is Bookton, a site about books. And it's finally stable enough to show.

The easiest way to sum it up is to say it's like imdb, where the m stands for 'book'. I've written up a much more complete description over on the Bookton Blog.

You should know that it's so early in the game that I still have to create users by hand. But if you'd like one let me know; I'll probably hook you up. Use feedback at bookton dot com if you would.


jensq said...

Do you want to become a catalog of all books, or of all books the users like and want to tell about?

I'd like to play with bookton, anyway. Even though the majority of english books I own is from O'Reilly.

Pfepftzet Oout said...

Hmmm, maybe I'm just not clicking on the right clickies that need to be clicked, but I can't seem to find the "feedback" button on your bookton site. Nevertheless, I'd love to help alpha the site. Squeee!

Pfepftzet Oout said...

By the way, fidget is Dianne (in case you weren't aware of that handle).

Pfepftzet Oout said...

Although, come to think of it, it's what I used at treemo, so of course you know it's me.

I'll stop spamming your blog now.

leff said...

@s. bär: The primary focus is information about all books. There are several social sites for talking about books (I use allConsuming) and I don't really want to compete with them. I want to complement them.

AllConsuming, for instance, uses ISBN numbers for filing. It's frustrating to try and talk about books when everybody links to a different edition. 100 people may have read a book, but they're split up in to groups of three or four, based on paperback vs. hardback vs. 2nd edition paperback etc.

So I want to provide an alternative place to link to for information. A place based around the content in the book, not the isbn number.

(sorry to be so long winded)

@fidget You are correct on all counts. There is no feedback button, just an email address. feedback at bookton dot com.

And I know it's you, Dianne ! :)

Phil Wilson said...

How intriguing. Gosh, this means half a dozen things. I can't even start :)

Pfepftzet Oout said...

Ohhh! Slaps forhead. You want us to email you at feedback, not find feedback at bookton. At at at at. It's hard to say at five times fast. It kind of turns into atadadadad.

jensq said...

Hmm, isn't Bookton a classic application for the community area of ?

leff said...

Dabble DB could certainly represent the data in fun ways. Their dynamic nature would be great for prototyping the data.

But long term I think having a place that is fully controllable will be worth it. Ultimately I want to provide an experience that's a little bit richer than just finding data and looking at it.