La Grande Bellezza

I've been sick all week, and that sucks, but I did manage to experience some beauty. The Great Beauty as a matter of fact. 

Rakka has been telling me about this film for months but I've been putting it off. It's not a film you just watch and forget. You have to have time to process it. I couldn't sleep that night. I just lay awake thinking about all the threads. 

This is the same shot everybody uses. Know why? Because you just have to watch the damn movie.
I loved this film so much I'm not going to tell you anything about it. I understand now why rakka wouldn't say details. Anyway, just follow these two rules when you watch it.
  1. If it seems a bit frivolous at first, wait for the music to slow down. 
  2. Don't have anything scheduled for the morning after.
It might be a good idea to watch it with somebody too. You'll want to talk about it. Of course, you can always drop me a line if you need to.

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