I saw the light hun, I saw the light

Sometimes good things have bad consequences. Sometimes it's the other way.

Like today, on my way home my sinuses half cleared up for once so I could smell things. This happens once every month or two and for a few hours it's like a whole new world.

It kicked in when I was sat right next to someone with a bag overflowing with the smell of dying. Every time the bag opened. Hospital smell. Hospice. Death bed. Except the one time. Chocolate muffin. Factory muffin. Lifeless. Overpowering.

As it passed under my eyes, the Jonathan Gash novel also felt a bit like dying.

Eventually I got up and roamed around.

I saw the light.

I photographed it.
On the clouds (phone pic via twitter)

Over the navy yard and up the blackridge mountains

Under the big sky (and over the fire)

The fire

Seagull conference




Sometimes bad things have good consequences.

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