Carnival of Sasanachs

Watched the new doctor who, but rakka and I also watched The Sensorites and that was pretty good. It was no The Aztecs, but definitely serviceable. Lot's of similarities between The Sensorites and the Carnival of Monsters. There's the scheming subordinate, the City Administrator and Kalik, respectively; each have similar sidekicks, firing pins and personalities. The costumes are even sort of similar. In the 60s they blew over the caste system, in the 70s they made a big deal of it. I wonder what conclusions we can draw there. Oh, also, Carnival of Monsters is where the Miniscope reference came from in that stupid Robin Hood episode.

City administrator and his sidekick in The Sensorites

Kalik's sidekick (Orum) and himself in Carnival of Monsters

Speaking of scheming. Somebody that should be, but isn't, is Claire Beauchamp. She's always telegraphing her position, trying to score points off people or trying to make them behave by 20th century standards. Seems like, in her position, she should be holding her tongue and concentrating on scheming her way out. But she kind of comes across as a snotty teenager.

My soul is like a raging river. Or something.
And yet Outlander stays at the top of my priority queue. Not sure why. 'shiping on Clair and Jamie? Maybe. Conspiracy Theorizing that it's funded by the campaign for Scottish independence. It's a fun thought. Especially after episode 5. In the end, the photography is a good enough reason.

In the background I've been enjoying the comedy styling of the classic Experiencing Architecture by Steen Eiler Rasmussen. Actually, it's a really nice summary of what makes buildings nice, which doesn't change much.

Corbusier even makes the cover.
But it's from 1959 so there's some good stuff about how great highways are, and how great Le Corbusier was. At the time Corbusier was still alive and probably considered almost as a god in some circles, but I don't think Rasmussen actually liked his stuff. Every compliment comes with a barb.

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