no gta for you

I've been trying to blog more, as you may have noticed. The problem is all I've done lately is play gta4. And the thing is, anybody who's interested in gta already knows all about it. I don't want to bore you, so I've nothing to say.

Oh, I tell a lie. I did do something saturday. I put together this whopping great bit of furniture. Great in terms of weight and complexity. It's of rather low quality, actually.

It was cheap, it came from a rather embarrassing retailer, but it's the only thing that was even close to the right shape. A secretary desk. It's amazing how few of these sorts of things there are out there these days. I was willing to spend mad bank on something for this space, but it just didn't exist. There was this thing, but it's ikea quality and 800 dollars; no thanks.

The thing pictured is not ikea quality. The big difference? There were about a million different types of screws, clips and fasteners. It took hours to put together. and hours. That part sucked. I had to take several bits apart because I used the wrong screws or whatever.

It looks nice though. And it holds all my junk. Hopefully I'll have found a replacement by the time it falls apart.

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