metroid prime 3 corruption

I finally finished metroid prime 3. I've been playing it for, what, three months. It seemed to take forever. Looking back though, it seemed kind of short. I only logged 18 and a half hours, total. Weird.

It was fun though. After I finally got over the controls. Yeah, yeah, I know, they're supposed to be so fantastic. Moving around was easy. But button on top shoots, and the trigger jumps. I was walking up to baddies and jumping up and down for the first week. Let me tell you, that didn't work so well.

There are also several points where there aren't enough clues and I had to resort to The worst one was the first time you had to use the command visor. I fought that battle and died probably 10 times before giving up and looking at the walkthrough. I looked at everything with the special "investigating visor" and it said something like "you can pull that thing, then blow it up." No hint that it was your ship that had to blow it up, or that making your ship do so was a command visor function.

Maybe I missed some context by skipping prime 2.

One last point. It felt like they cut some features. Specifically, there's all this stuff in your ship that looks like it's for flying around and fighting. Plus there are all these ship missile upgrades. But I never found a point where I could fly around shooting stuff.

All in all, it was fun and metroidy. Glad I played it. Glad I rented it.

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