it's days like this that make it all worth while

Winter in Seattle is so long I almost forget how fantastic the summers are. Days like today I sort of wish I was rich enough to own a house up the hill. Maybe this one.

rather a nice house, west queen anne, seattle
rather a nice house, west queen anne, seattle

Or the really modern one down the street that I didn't photograph. Or the other modern one around the corner. Or this one, or this one, or... oh, you get the idea.

Really, I don't really need a 2 million dollar house. Though it would be nice to have a place to grill out or sit in the sun. For now, just being able to get to places like this so easily is pretty great.

olympic mountains, view from west queen anne, seattle
the olympic mountains, from west queen anne,
with a view of magnolia

parsons gardens, west queen anne, seattle
Parsons Gardens, seattle, wa

the lushest street
The lushest street ever, right next to Parsons Gardens

The wisteria is out in force today. It's everywhere. I love it. It makes the whole place smell like grape cool-aid.


So, in conclusion, Hooray Seattle!

[where: upper queen anne, seattle, wa]

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