hmm. 360?

I think gta4 is getting to me. I might finally get an xbox.

I started looking around for one last night, though, and the shit is confusing. Why are there 3+ different kinds? What is the harddrive used for, is it upgradeable? Most importantly, why do I have to know all this? I want to play some freaking video games, not run a research project.

I have this feeling that by the time I figure it all out I won't care anymore.

Thinking about this made me, once again, realize why I like my macbook so much. They're just so simple to buy. I'm actually happy to pay a premium for someone to make certain decisions for me. It's added value.

Anyway, I think I'll have to try mass effect and bioshock once I finally mange to pick one of these things out (and get tired of gta4).


Anonymous said...

Just don't get the "arcade" model. Otherwise it's a decent machine, I really like the 360.

leff said...

No "arcade". Got it! Thanks.