Some buildings in Portland [architecture friday]

I know. Portland was a week ago. And friday was yesterday. Well, I've been busy and blogger lets me back date things. So there!

There is some good stuff in Portland for a steel and glass fetishist like myself, but mostly it's historic buildings and parks. Those are good to, I admit.

My favorite building was this tall thing with what looked like green marble all the way up. But I didn't get a chance to see it up close; could have been faux marble.

tall building in portland oregon
I like the tall one in the back

Here's one for all my dead homies. (Yes, Portland's city planners from the early 1900s are my homies)

historic building detail, portland oregon
very detailed

Did you know you can buy rugs at every street corner in Portland? Well, this corner.

street corner, downtown portland oregon
Is this downtown or the Perl district? Who can say?

And to think, somebody once thought this place was non-ironically cool. Personally, I think it's ironically awesome!

office building, downtown portland oregon
very retro

And that's my whirlwind tour of Portland. Next week it's back to boring you with Seattle buildings. Woot!

[where: Portland, Oregon]

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