Rainier Tower [architecture friday]

A highrise on a pedestal? That must be Rainier Tower.

Rainier Tower
Rainier Tower

I've loved this building forever. I posted some warped pano of it ages ago, somewhere. I'm damned if I can remember where. Anyway, 40 stories tall, but 11 are taken up with the riser, leaving only 29 usable floors. It's crazy. Crazy good!

Rainier Tower from Below
from below

It looks pretty fantastical from a distance. But it can be 'more fantastical', to quote space ghost. Up close it's pretty damn crazy. There's a 29 story office building hanging in space right over your head. You can get reverse-vertigo, a thing I just made up, if you're not careful.

Rainier Tower Entrance
(Off to the right, from this picture is the entrance to a Rock Bottom. It's a chain of mall restaurants, like upscale TGI Fridays, that I'm happy to say I've never visited. Rest assured, you won't see the food blog polluted by it.)

The entrance is only slightly gaudy. It's nice that the architect (the WTC-NY guy apparently) understood that 11 stories worth of pedestal forestalls the need for sparkly entrances.

Rainer Tower Angles

There are a lot of nice angles; well, four.

[where: 1301 Fifth Avenue, seattle, wa]

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